Monday, 4 June 2012

Teen Mothers On Welfare - Bad or Good?

So I have been asked on a number of occasions by friends and family about why I don't look for work. I live on welfare and before you judge, please read my story. At 17 I became pregnant. I gave birth to my son a month before my leaving certificate. My boyfriend, family and mainly my mother pushed me to do my leaving certificate. I completed it and one year on I have finished my 1st year of college. It may seem selfish of me to be living off government benefits but I see this as a starting point for me. My main goal is to get a good education while also raising my son. My goal is to become a social worker one day and to provide better for my son. I want him to say to me when hes older, "Well mam, i'm glad that you went to college and provided for me as i grew up, Thank you." So for those who have misjudged a pregnant teenager or young mother, think twice before making judgements, because you really do not know the full story.

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