Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Budgeting ? No problem !

So for a lot of women ( mothers and non mothers) money can be tight at times. Trust me i know the feeling, living on my own for the past month with my son has been struggling but i am now realising how to balance my money when it comes to shopping. Coupons and samples can make life so much easier moneywise when it comes to shopping. Two websites I would checkout are:, this site has money off grocery items and samples of foundations, toothpastes, nappies, etc. is also great for deals on gift ideas, restraunt deals, over night stays, and money off coupons for grocerys. Also take into consideration the main essentials that you do need when shopping. ( An offer may look nice but do you really need it?) It wouldn't be a bad idea either to check out the nearest charity shop. I have started volunteering at weekends in one close to home when my son goes to his dad's at weekends. I have seen many children's clothes and some adult clothes that still have labels hanging on them! Most of the clothes there were probably only worn once anyways. I hope this has become useful to you. Drop by a comment if you have any questions or stuff you would like to add. 

Mwah! x
- Ashley

Monday, 4 June 2012

Teen Mothers On Welfare - Bad or Good?

So I have been asked on a number of occasions by friends and family about why I don't look for work. I live on welfare and before you judge, please read my story. At 17 I became pregnant. I gave birth to my son a month before my leaving certificate. My boyfriend, family and mainly my mother pushed me to do my leaving certificate. I completed it and one year on I have finished my 1st year of college. It may seem selfish of me to be living off government benefits but I see this as a starting point for me. My main goal is to get a good education while also raising my son. My goal is to become a social worker one day and to provide better for my son. I want him to say to me when hes older, "Well mam, i'm glad that you went to college and provided for me as i grew up, Thank you." So for those who have misjudged a pregnant teenager or young mother, think twice before making judgements, because you really do not know the full story.