Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Favourite Foundation

Okay, so for my 1st blog I thought I would introduce you guys to my favourite foundation that I use. I use it on a regular basis and I dont find many problems with it. It is the 1st foundation i've found that blends in with my skin-tone. That task is quite difficult because i'm very pale :D. 

* It costs only 3 euro and 79 cent/ £3.49
* Not orangey coloured or too pink
* No1 Ivory blends in with Pale skin- tones
* Cruelty- free!!

* Does not last the full 8 hours as it says on the label it lasts about 4-5 hours.

This foundation is very ideal for a night out for dinner or going out with friends/family or boyfriend.

I would strongly recommend this make- up brand to all people who are buying make up on a budget. :)

You can look up the website for a store near you or check out your local Superdrug Pharmacy. 

Thats it for now. Please comment and let me know if this information helped and i really do like feedback on how my blogs are going so don't be afraid to post a comment ! 

Later ! ^_^

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Introducing Me

Hi guys ! :)

Welcome to my blog! I am an 18 year old college student from Dublin, Ireland. I have a son who was born in May this year and he is my life, joy and future. 

On my blog I will be posting possibly a diary and I am going to post reviews on hair and make-up products.

So yeah, that is mainly all I will be posting soon and if you are interested in my blogs please dont be afraid to follow them or tell your friends and family about them.

Thats it for now BYE ! ^-^